What's happening?

here are some real estimates of the  data from this war. 

Total deaths

Civilians injured

Kids injured

Total displaced

Civilians killed

Kids killed

Destroyed Russian tanks

Money lost in destroyed Russian tanks

(Millions of Dollars)

Money spent for this War ($)

What could have been done instead?

If all the money spent on this war between Russia and Ukraine had been used differently,  here's what could have been done 

Feed children in Africa for an entire year

Place a photovoltaic solar panel

Build a well in Africa

Build a school in Africa

Build a 78-bed hospital with 2492 photovoltaic panels in Africa


pleasestopwar.com born with the intent to raise awareness of the uselessness and waste of war. Wars bring only death and destruction for political interests. Here you can find numbers of deaths, injuries, money loss and damages updated every second according to our estimate.

You can also find a number of how many things could have been done in the World with the resources that have been used for the War according to our estimate.

Below you can find the official links for donations to Ukraine to give a real help



Ukraine War Photo of a Soldier in Ukraine with Tanks


Here you can find all the official channels for donations to the Ukrainian people

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